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f10at introduction video
WatchOS App Design

5 week project


f10at is a WatchOS app that is designed to assess sadness and a breathing exercise to cope with such emotions on a daily basis.
Branding, UI

Illustrator,  After Effects, XD


The water element came in as a strong brand identity in the start of the project and influenced the copy as well.

“Are you sinking or are you floating?” 5 levels of sadness and 5 levels of happiness for 10 levels of emotional range to provide diversity of the person’s daily emotional state.

To address the sinking, a bobber bobbing along in the water to help the breathing when you are sinking.

An app animatic was also created to further promote the app with a story boarding progress.
final result


When thinking of a mood tracker for an Apple Watch, it was easy to think of my own emotions.

“Not all people are in the peak of their happiness the all day... (add in more research based and more about the demographic of people and how it relates to the general public)”

There was a focus on addressing the daily monotony of sadness and the little bursts of happiness, words relating to water to reflect the branding as well.
emotion tracking for 3 weeks


branding elements of f10at
user flow

story boarding
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