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Store front design

15 week project


This was a project that was accomplished alongside other projects in other classes.

The two key words were Immigration & Transportation, which were our only prompts for this project
Branding, UI, UX, Product design

Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, XD


OSS is a retro space themed foot massage parlor with modern twist.

We based our concept on the idea of transportation by foot and how people move from place to place.

We want to use space as the inspiration and theme of our brand because humans have started to explore space and because another name for immigrants is aliens.
In collaboration with Taylor Gunnells & Zhongwei Ren

Design responsiblites included Wordmark, Immersive experince ideation and video production,  e-Ticket, Product packaging design

Project Components

This was a multifaceted project with multiple deliverables.


Immersive Experience


Social Media Grid


Store Exterior & Interior

Product Packaging


Research Booklet
wordmark & immersive bus
bus immersive experience
immersive vide
website walk through

social media grid

store exterior & interior
product packaging


Our research first centered around competitors and a critical look at how they were defining themselves and how consumers were perceiving them.

Later stages of our research, we also did some research into music and its impact on people in product heavy areas.


Seeing as our prompt for this project was “Immigration” & “Transportation”, our group had a few ideas.

While I wanted to push for the bed idea and draw from my experience as an immigrant who moved across the globe, this was met with push-back from the group, as there didn’t seem to be an excitement to expand upon the idea.

The cat adoption idea was also scrapped due to it being a topic we all felt was overdone, and was not as exciting to us as other topics.

In the end, we mashed our ideas of a foot care centric store with space themes with a retro twist.

group brainstorming session



This project opened up the possibility of experimenting with different aspects of a branding project.


The name OSS came quickly as we named it One Small Step, derived from the famous quote by Neil Armstrong. It was shortened to an acronym to mimick that of a retro logo.

Different typefaces were gathered to experiment with and see how they reflected the brand and interacted with each other. We started with retro typefaces, as well as the fluidity of a typeface. Through trial and error, we decided Kassan would be a good display typeface to be the face of our brand.

We also wanted some textures to compliment our Logo as well as the Typeface. We first wanted to experiment with water, oil, and light.

We settled on water and oil to keep with the theme of a foot massage parlor. The oil slick texture was also a great inspiration as it closely related to our theme, but also gave a nod towards the space theme.
selection process of typeface

photoshoot setup


User Journey

While a user journey was not part of our main deliverables, it was key to establishing our deliverables and target audience.

Immersive Experience

The bus was designed with the intent to be used by groups of customers. We mirrored the bus modeling after party limousines with the seats facing each other.

We made it so that there would be full screens with a video playing to fully immersive 
first renders

Website & e-Ticket

Seeing how our target audience was 25-35 year old people we thought the best way to incorporate the ticketing system would be an e-Ticket.

This e-Ticket would be part of the website, and as long as the customer leaves the tab open, they can access the ticket through our website. This was done after some research where we found out that people from that age range find this to be the most popular way to access a confirmation ticket. 

website on phone


This project also focused on presenting my work and interacting with a hypothetical client.

This meant dressing in appropriate business attire and presenting my work in a confident manner that reflected all the decisions made for this project.

Our full presentation relfects how there were changes made to the existing presentation and how in each meeting, there were different things that we hightlighted to showcase to our client.

full presentation

final presentation
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