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LIFEWTR Campaign Design

15 week project


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Students from Penn State Graphic Design GD304: Practical Communications, in collaboration with PepsiCo Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design team and North Division Marketing, EMERGE FROM ORDINARY created a series of key visuals to accompany a brand campaign promoting a selected series 11 bottle made specifically for the Penn State University Park campus.

Taking place over a 15-week semester, this student project allowed our group to expand upon our experience as Graphic Design students and create a hyper localized campaign for the Penn State University Park Campus.
Branding, UX, UI

Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, XD


EMERGE FROM ORDINARY is a campaign for the bottle of “I DREAM OF SOUTH” by Marly Gallardo, LIFEWTR brand series 11 bottle.

We utilized a monochromatic scene with the elements of the artwork on the bottle such as flowers, snakes, leaves to bring the bottle forward and emphasize our message of emerging from the mundane.
In collaboration with PepsiCo Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design team and North Division Marketing & Kimi Mate

Design responsiblites included Key visuals, Menuboard sizzle reel, Immersive experience, Presentation, Statement of work

Project Components

This was a multi faceted project with multiple deliverables.

Key Visuals (Horizontal, Vertical)

Social Media posts (Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Ad, Facebook Ad, TikTok Post)

Menu Board Sizzle Reel

Point of Sale (Cooler Graphic & Table Tent)

Out Of Home (Billboard)

Immersive Experience



Statement of Work
static social media posts & ad 
animated social media posts
cooler graphic & table tent

menuboard sizzle reel
out of home (billboard)
immersive experience
statement of work


Research was composed of client research and audience research.

Our audience research was based on the students of Penn State University Park as well as some individuals of underrepresented groups from the clubs members that include different ethnicities. gender identities, and sexual orientations. 

We concluded that people wanted to be seen as more than their stereotypes and be seen as an individual that is diverse as well as being represented in the general media.
client rofile of LIFEWTR
assessment of target audience

form & responses


We are more than stereotypes; we are more than meets the eye. We all come from various backgrounds, but when we come together we can create a new picture.

We want to bring this dreamlike state into reality by contrasting the bottle with the artist’s art with a still-life background.


We were inspired by the bottle of Marly Gallardo. We felt both her artwork and narrative was very powerful.

“I aim to achieve a dream-like experience with my artwork that will inspire a search for the surreal within the mundane.

In LIFEWTR’s Life Unseen collaboration I created an homage to my heritage and created a narrative that invites viewers into a vibrant experience.”

Credit: Quote taken from Marly Gallardo from the

Credit: Marly Gallardo from the


We incorporated the different critiques and feedback we got from the PepsiCo Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design team and North Division Marketing over the 15 weeks.

Key Visuals

Seeing this was a 15 week project, we saw this as an opportunity to experiment with colors and different styles and getting the details of the background correct.

other direction of consideration

first Renditions

behind the scenes

cutting petals to match the flowers on the bottle

different taglines ideation

Cooler Graphic & Table Tent


Immersive Experience

user scenario

sketch of 3D tunnel & storyboard of final video 

Final Presentation

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