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Bee a Hero

Campaign Design

8 week project


Our solution in enhancing the Penn State Arboretum experience was to create a one day petition signing event centered around promoting the cultivation of pollinator friendly plants.
UI, UX, Branding, Product design

Illustrator, After Effects


Bee a Hero is a one day event for the folks inside and around Penn State. It drew heavily from the World War propaganda, and all the verbiage reflects such.

This eventually leads folks to a petition table where if they sign the paper, they are given a seed packet that opens up to reveal the hero: You!
In collaboration with Sarah Armstrong & Penn State Arboretum

Design responsiblites included static & animated posters, Petition box, Seed packet

Project Components

This was a multifaceted project with multiple deliverables.

Static & Animated Poster

Responsive Wordmark

Petition Box & Paper

Petition Website

Seed Packet
static posters
animated posters
poster mockup & demonstration of animated posters
responsive wordmark
petition box with paper & petition app 
seed packet


Our research first centered around the water and how that impacted the smaller insects. However, after consulting with Dr. Harland Patch, we eventually landed on the idea of pesticide, especially the neonics and how harmful it was to the environment but also to humans as well.

We then defined our target audience, conducted interviews, did user scenarios and came to a conclusion that we would want to do a limited time event taking place in the Arboretum.


Inspiration comes in many forms, but as we were focusing on an immersive experience for the target audience, we had a lot of inspiration to pull from.

It was important to learn inspiration and how to take what we have seen to influence our outcome in a way that made sense, but also how to take inspiration from a historical event and not appropriate or glorify it.

The trip to the Arboretum served as our jumping off point and we got to experience the pollinator garden in bloom.

The Immersive Exhibition inspired us to have some animatics in our event to catch the eye of the audience.

The power of World War Propaganda and how pursasive it can be really inspired us to have a strong aesthetic that was influenced by such design.

arboretum trip with Dr. Harland Patch

Van Gogh immersive exhibition in Pittsburg

World War propaganda posters, signages, petition booth and paper


Beeing presented with the opportunity to work with the Penn State University’s arboretum, we were drawn to the idea of how the garden is an ideal world.

We wanted to make a notable change in the world by drawing from that idea.

By expanding the ideal world, Sarah and I really wanted to inspire change and have the world change to be pollinator friendly.

Event Route

planned event route around the Arboretum

user journey of different target audiences


process for colorschemes, art style, font choice for deliverables


from typefaces to the ideation of the logo

Petition Paper & Petition Box

Petitions became a central part of our immersive experience. We wanted to inspire direct actions from the viewer’s experience and came up with the idea of a petition signing event for the audience.

This manifested in the idea of a physical petition paper as well as a box for said paper to be collected and a web version for those who could not come to the event in person.

different iterations of the petition paper

construction and staining of the box

Seed Packet

The Seed Packet was normally going to be a honey jar with a QR code to share the event.

However, with critique from the Arboretum’s professionals, we had to pivot our event campaign from being Anti-Neonics to Pro-Pollinator Friendly Plants.
prototyping and photographing the seed packet
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